10 Reasons to Choose JavaScript As Your First Coding Language

JavaScript can be a great starting language, just don't get lost in the maze

By: Ajdin Imsirovic 18 March 2019

If you’re thinking about learning to code, look no further than JavaScript. In this article, we’ll look at top ten reasons to choose JavaScript as your first coding language.

10. JavaScript is a staple of the web

If you need to do anything browser-related, chances are you’re gonna be needing JavaScript.

9. JavaScript is here to stay

Have you ever asked yourself why JavaScript is the language of the browser? It could have been any other language in theory, right?

Why did the tech giants and browser vendors stick to one single language to be run in the browser?

Two main reasons: backwards compatibility and the time it would take to rewrite a browser running a language other than JavaScript.

In short, JavaScript is here to stay. It’s not just a fad that will go away tomorrow.

8. JavaScript is easy to practice

There are many ways you can practice JavaScript.

Here’s an idea: use JavaScript to quickly copy the first 10 results that appear on the search results when you visit the Google search engine.

To see how this is done, check out the tutorial here:

There are many things that you can accomplish with JavaScript in the browser. Learning each new trick will be useful even if you’re not a programmer - and this can be a great way to slowly switch careers if you really want to be a coder.

7. JavaScript is versatile

There are many things you can do with JavaScript.

Historically, you could only do front-end development, but now you can also do:

  • Server-side programming (Node.js)
  • Mobile app programming (React Native)
  • Machine learning
  • Embedded programming

the list goes on…

This means that JavaScript developers will always be in demand. So why not go with the flow?

5. JavaScript has the biggest StackOverflow community

StackOverflow is a kind of a forum where you can ask coding questions. Different programming langauges have different communities on StackOverflow, and one of the biggest communities - if not the biggest one (these things are dynamic after all) - is the JS community.

4. A trove of tutorials and books on JavaScript

There are so many JavaScript blog posts, courses, and books online that you could probably spend an entire lifetime and not go through all the available materials.

This means that there are so many places to learn from!

It also means that this wealth of knowledge has sort of become a maze you could get lost in. Read on to the very bottom, we have a solution for you!

3. Great career opportunities for JavaScript developers

There are so many JavaScript jobs out there! Learning JS could lend you a gig, easily.

2. It can be a leeway to other languages

Once you have become proficient in JavaScript, you’ll learn that it shares a lot of idiosynchracies with other web languages, such as PHP, Ruby, Python, etc.

At least, you’ll understand some shared concepts such as HTTP verbs and with PHP at least, you’ll see a lot of the syntax is similar.

1. You can start programming in JavaScript by pressing the F12 key

That’s it. On your desktop computer, you can simply press the F12 key, and the developer tools will open. It’s basically like a JavaScript-centric code editor! With a bunch of features.

With all of these advantages, you can see how and why JavaScript can be an excellent first language.

Ajdin Imsirovic
Ajdin Imsirovic

Ajdin Imsirovic is a developer, technical writer, and a (former) designer.

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