Life advice from Matthew McConaughey.

Five Important Life’s Lessons from Matthew McConaughey

Here’s the list:

  1. Life is not easy (Life is supposed to be tough, that’s what makes it rewarding, don’t fall into the entitlement trap)
  2. Nothing is unbelievable (all good and bad things people do should not surprise us, we’re very capable, on both ends of the spectrum)
  3. Happiness is difficult to sustain as it depends on positive results; joy, on the other hand, is what we feel in the process of getting to a result
  4. Define success for yourself; become clear about what success means for you other than financial success (family, relationship, help others, career, leave a legacy, etc.); once you know which categories define success for you, monitor and maintain them individually. For example, a list of priorities: fatherhood, being a good husband, health (mind, body, and spirit), career, friendships; measure these 5 things each day, check in with them - see whether or not you’re in the debit section or the credit section with these; “tend to your garden”. Define the success for yourself, we’ve both got 2 wolves inside, the good one and the bad one, and the best that I can tell we’ve just gotta feed the good one more than we do the bad one.
  5. Don’t leave things behind that might haunt you in the future (don’t burn bridges; at least fix it before you walk away from something); do the opposite: invest in the future (do something today that will help you in the future)