(Or: The Best Way to Learn Coding)

Man Standing on Top of A Peak With Arms Wide Open

This site is aimed at two things:

  1. To explore, find, and show, the best way to learn how to code
  2. To experiment with ways to make money once you learned the craft

Let’s find the best ways to achieve these two goals.

For some people, achieving these goals will simply mean learning to code and getting hired as a developer in a software company.

For some other people, it would mean to learn to code a highly academic language, and end up teaching programming as a university professor.

For a different group of folks, it would mean learning to code so that you can start your own software company.

Or build games.

Or build trading bots.

There are countless different ways in which these two things might become someone’s definition of success.

What this website aims to do is to show you, the visitor, ways to learn faster, better and easier, and to show you how to become more productive doing it, how to experiment with your skills, so that you can ultimately make more money doing what you love: coding.

If you would like to contact me, you can do so at: ajdin@CodingExercises.com