In this article, we’ll look at practical ways of improving the way we learn JavaScript.

Helpful tricks to learn JavaScript better Image by codingexercises

There are many ways to improve how you learn JavaScript and how you retain that knowledge.

Here is a list of things you can do to make that learning even faster and easier.

#1. Using Quokka.js to learn JavaScript faster

The wallaby.js team released this awesome tool.

Here is a screenshot of it used in practice.

Quokka in use

To install it on VS Code, just visit this URL and click the install button.

After installation:

  1. press CTRL SHIFT p to start the command palette
  2. type Quokka into it
  3. run the New JavaScript file command

Once you run it, a new JS file will open in the console.

Type some JavaScript into it!

Here’s an example of what happens when you type in a simple for loop:

Quokka outputs right inside VS

Because Quokka outputs right inside the JavaScript file you’re editing, it saves time, making us more productive in our JavaScript learning.

2. Always ask yourself: How do I get better?

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