Ajdin Imsirovic

A web developer and technical writer, with focus on JS, Vue, and Angular.

Work experience

February 2020 - April 2021

Company: https://www.web-vision.de/ (web-vision GmbH, Germany)


December 2019 - January 2020

Company: https://www.cardamoneconsulting.com/ (The Cardamone Consulting Group)


April 2019 - December 2019

Company: http://www.habultron.com/ (Habultron ltd)

Project: Part of the team that was building a construction management software (https://wemax.se/)

  • PHP (CodeIgniter)
  • Angular 7 and Angular 8
  • MySQL
  • IIS

Sept 2017 to Sept 2018

Company: https://www.clickstay.com/

Project: Complete overhaul of the frontend of the website written in Yii2

May 2016 - May 2017

Company: https://marvelsoft.net/ (An international Fintech company headquartered in Hong Kong)

Project: Algorithmic trading software

  • Providing technical support in English, to clients from Germany, France, Italy, China, Chile
  • Server hopping and server log downloads
  • Reading and interpreting FIX protocol logs using awk, grep, sed, and MS Excel for analysis
  • Interface with the development team and the clients on particulars of automated and semi-automated trading algorithm logs

Jan 2015 - May 2016

Company: https://leftor.com/ (Leftor LLC)


October 2011 - December 2014

Company: http://finconsult.ba/ (An financial education company)

Duties (daily work):

  • Joomla administration, web and print design
  • Adobe Photoshop
  • Adobe Illustrator
  • Adobe InDesign

Learning certifications

Udacity Full-stack web developer nano degree (download the curriculum in PDF on the linked page)

  • March 2021 - June 2021 (4 months' training)

LinkedIn training:

  • JavaScript Essential Training
  • JavaScript: Modern Browser APIs
  • Learning ECMAScript 6 (2016)
  • Learning Full-Stack JavaScript Development: MongoDB, Node, and React
  • Learning Functional Programming with JavaScript ES6+
  • Learning JavaScript Debugging
  • Learning Vuex
  • Ruby on Rails 5 Essential Training
  • TypeScript: Object-Oriented Programming
  • Vanilla JavaScript: Ajax and Fetch
  • Vue.js Essential Training
  • Vue.js: Full-Stack Applications with Firebase
  • Building Vue and Node Apps with Authentication
  • Bootstrap 4 Layouts: Responsive Single-Page Design
  • Build a Flashcard App with Vanilla JavaScript and Bootstrap
  • CSS: Advanced Layouts with Grid
  • Developing for Web Performance
  • JavaScript Essential Training (version 2018)
  • JavaScript Code Challenges
  • Learning webpack 4

Side projects

Position: Founder of https://www.codingexercises.com/

Dec 2018 - Apr 2021 (2 years 4 months)


  • https://www.codingexercises.com/ (A blog/website on web development topics)
  • https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCBEKdKYzvHQNXfwmNXa728A

Position: Technical book author (self-published)

2018 - 2021 (3 years)


2013 - 2014 mojkonkurs.ba (1 year)

  • A job marketplace project in Yii2 php, jQuery, html and css

2012 - 2013 http://ukusno.ba (a recipe site in Joomla)

  • A job marketplace project in Yii2 php, jQuery, html and css:
    • Technical founder of a recipe portal (not affiliated with the site since 2013)
    • Joomla front-end development
    • Server setup and administration

2012 http://www.pozitivno.ba/ (a news portal in WordPress)

  • Technical founder of a web news portal in WordPress (not affiliated with the site since 2014)

Highlights of my best work

Here are the top 3 projects that I've been a part of.

Your project here 😉


This is "my coding home", the place where I write about anything and everything coding-related, but mostly it has some connection to the projects I'm currently involved in.


This is a high-level project with continuous development going on for the last few years. It's an "internal facebook" for a German university.

Screenshots (posted because most of the functionality is behind a login screen):


I'm proud to have been a part of this project, since it is so beautiful and quite a complex project. There were about 15 developers on the team, the project has gone through a number of updates. It has been online in continuity since 2003.

What am I currently occupied with (in my off-hours)?

April 2021: I'm currently getting to know Tailwind and Alpine.js better

March 2021: Dabbling with Flask Python framework

February 2021: Exploring Magento 2 in my off-hours

January 2021: Exporing Shopify in my off hours