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react javascript

React Example Apps

A list of free React app examples found online with a short description of what each example is about.
jekyll ubuntu ruby

Revisiting Jekyll on Ubuntu 20.04

A discussion of working with Jekyll (GitHub's serverless blogging technology) after a long pause, and running it on a brand new Ubuntu 20.04 installation.
react javascript react-from-scratch

Rebuild a Todo app using create-react-app

Based on the React Todo app we've already built on Codepen, we're now rebuilding it locally, so that we can further improve our understanding of React.
react javascript react-from-scratch

Build a todo app in React, using hooks and functional components

react javascript react-from-scratch

Class-based components, functional components, and React hooks

What's the difference between class-based and functional components, and where do React hooks fit into the picture. Find out all of that in this tutorial.

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