The One Reason You Must Start A Blog in 2019

By: Ajdin Imsirovic 15 November 2018

You are thinking about creating a blog, but you think you’re too late to the party. The year 2019 is upon us, and you are worried that you will not get the results, regardless of the effort? Here is the one reason why you should start a blog anyway.

The Multiplier Effect

As a side hustler, I am a firm believer in the multiplier effect.

When I first started side hustling, I soon realized that I need to find ways to optimize my work.

Since we side hustlers usually lack both time AND money, I realized that the only reasonable way to make my side hustle a success was to MAXIMIZE the impact of my actions.

This is where my idea of the multiplier effect was born.

The concept is simple. It goes something like this:

In your side hustle, you should be aiming for multiple results.

Or put differently, try to kill as many birds as you can with one stone.

My idea of the Multiplier Effect is that if you keep side hustling so that you have the greatest impact in a number of your projects, these multiple results will compound over time.

Initially, it will be very slow, but if you keep at it, things will snowball.

Starting a Blog in 2019 and the Multiplier Effect

How does the multiplier effect translate to starting a blog in 2019?

In other words, are there reasons not to start a blog in 2019?

You might find these reasons online:

  1. All the niches are saturated.
  2. The return on effort is small - or, at least, smaller than what it was in, say, 2010.
  3. There are other, better ways to make money online in 2019.

While each of these reasons holds some truth, it is still very desirable to start a blog in 2019.

Here are the multipliers of starting a blog in 2019:

  1. You will become a better writer
  2. You will improve how you word your thoughts
  3. By tracking your blog’s analytics, you’ll understand what topics are ‘hot’ - and then you can adapt them, expand them, and turn them into a course or a book
  4. Starting a blog will be a new experience that might lead to some other positive outcomes
  5. Your blog can become your basecamp - a way for you to keep all your ideas in one place
  6. It can also help you better understand who you are, what are your interests, and goals
  7. Your blog might lead to a full-time job, or a side gig you didn’t expect
  8. Having a blog is a great way to market yourself
  9. You can clarify ideas for a book or a course by writing your blog.
  10. Do you know how to attract traffic? With a blog, you’ll learn a few things about how you might do this.

And finally, although this is not a multiplier, it’s still very important:

You might pull it off and make millions from your blog.

To conclude, starting a blog in 2019 is desirable. As a side hustler, it’s a way for you to keep your ideas and plans in one place, to organize your efforts, and to acquire new opportunities.

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