This is an ever-growing list of tips, tricks, and gotchas picked up while working with VS Code.

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1. How to change the color scheme in VS Code?

To change the color scheme in VS Code, go to File > Preferences > Color Theme.

Or use the keyboard shortcuts of CTRL + k, then CTRL + t.

Or use another keyboard shortcut of ALT + f, followed by single presses: p, c.

2. Find redundant whitespace using the Trailing Spaces extension

The Trailing Spaces extension by Shardul Mahadik marks all the โ€œhangingโ€ white space with nicely styled red background, which makes it easily noticeable and thus possible to remove before committing commits that (only) have whitespace updates inside.

3. How to format html files in VS Code

If you have an html file open in VS Code, you can format it quickly with this keyboard shortcut: CTRL + SHIFT + i.

To be continuedโ€ฆ