5 Reasons Why You Must Have an Ongoing Freelancing Gig

An ongoing freelancing gig is one of the first steps to financial freedom.

By: Ajdin Imsirovic 09 December 2018

Do you have a continuous freelancing gig set up? If you don’t, you should strive to have it as soon as possible.

In this article, we’ll look at 5 reasons why this is a must.

What will happen the day you stop working in your dayjob?

That thought must have crossed your mind more than a few times, or it should have, if you’ve spent more than a few years working for the man.

You might have asked yourself that question when you saw a friend lose a job in a downsizing, or possibly because of a silly mistake on their part.

Maybe it even wasn’t their fault at all.

The reason really does not matter.

Having a regular, ongoing, perpetual side freelancing gig is a simple risk-mitigation strategy.

If it ever happens that you lose your job out of the blue, a stable, ongoing, long-term freelancing gig might pull you through in your time of need.

It’s an elegant way to supplement your income

Statistical data is showing that salaries have not been rising for years! Unfortunately, prices are still growing. Thus, effectively, our stagnant salaries are actually on the decrease, since, year by year, inflation is eating up the value of our hard-earned paychecks.

Asking your boss for a raise cannot just happen overnight, and even if you are successful, it’s usually not going to result in a huge upgrade to your pay.

Having an ongoing freelancing gig is a low-risk, long-term strategy to supplement your income.

You get to set the price tag

One of the nice things of having a freelancing side gig is: you name your price.

Since you are working 9-to-5, you are hopefully not desperate for additional income.

Thus, you have options, and you do not need to settle for below-average side-income.

Having freedom to choose how you cooperate with in your freelancing hustle, frees you up from having offer low price for your services just because you don’t have a choice.

Being able to stand your ground and charge what you’re worth is a wonderful position to be in.

It might be the start of something great

Some side-gigs can really grow into a dream job.

If you are running your ongoing freelancing gigs for long enough, a few interesting things are likely to happen.

Your client might all of a sudden have a spike in demand. Since you are a reliable provider of services, they will outsource to you more than you can handle. That’s a great time to hire someone else to work with you on your side gig.

The result: You have just started hiring other people. Currently, it’s part time only, but soon enough, you might become an employer and someone else’s boss.

What kind of ongoing freelancing gig you set up is entirely up to you

Let’s assume you have not yet started your freelancing gig.

Let’s also assume that you don’t really have the skills to provide to potential clients.

This is a blessing in disguise.

You can think of the most interesting service you would love to be able to provide.

Then you can simply start learning about how to provide that service to clients.

It could be writing, or audio editing, or creating art, or any other are you are curious about.

Whatever it may be, you have a 100% say in what services you are going to provide.

Even if you don’t have experience and knowledge, you can learn it.

Like we all know, in this day and age, the whole of human knowledge is a finger-tap away.

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