Using 5000 LinkedIn Connections To Promote A Brand New Blog (Part 1)

By: Ajdin Imsirovic 15 November 2018

This blog,, is literally brand new. It currently has 5 posts. In this experiment, I wanted to promote the blog and boost traffic by sharing one article on LinkedIn. Here are the results.

The actual experiment consisted of three parts:

  1. Using my friend’s LinkedIN account’s 5000 connections in 7 days
  2. Picking the article to share
  3. Sharing the article on LinkedIN

Using my friend’s LinkedIN account to 5000 connections in 7 days

This was actually pretty simple and straightforward. I wanted to find a group of people that were likely to connect with me.

Thus, inside the LinkedIn search, I typed in: marketer.

I figured that most marketers should be online most of the time, and very responsive to connection requests.

I chose countries where English is the official language, since my blog is in English.

Hopefully, this would decrease the bounce rate.

Besides marketers, I also searched for designers, bloggers, SEO experts, developers - basically all the people that I think should use the web daily, and LinkedIn too.

Once I selected a few candidates, I sent them a nicely thought out, personalized message, where I basically asked them to share a blog post from my blog, and in return, I’d put a link to whatever project they had, or even write up a quick blurb about whatever project they are working on.

This approach should get me some exposure to relevant people, and it should also get me a smaller spike in traffic.

During the next week, I sent out about 20 requests for post shares, and 1 person accepted.

Next, I picked the article to share.

Picking the article to share

When I ran the experiment, I had to pick out only one out of the five blog posts that were published.

I chose this one: 135-plus Amazing Side Hustle Quotes To Get You Into The Zone

Some of these quotes were quite inspiring for me, and actually got me going to finish the initial version of the blog in half the time it would have taken me.

So, after publishing this blog twice as fast as I would do it in my usual pace, I figured it might help others overcome their obstacles and ship whatever it is they’re working on.

Sharing the article on LinkedIn

Using 5000 Linkedin Connections To Promote A Brand New Blog - Screenshot of the Shared Post on Linkedin

Before I shared the article, I had to pick out the time. I didn’t know any better, so I published it at 3PM EST (Eastern Standard Time in the US), which is equal to 9PM CET (Central European Time).

Once I published the post, it was time to see the results.

The results were not as great as I expected. But at least I gave it a shot.

Maybe you can think of some other creative ways to increase your own traffic, after being inspired by this post.

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