React from Scratch

An overview of the article series to learn React from scratch, geared towards beginners

By: Ajdin Imsirovic 18 January 2022

The React from Scratch series of articles is a very fun and approachable way to learn React.

All the articles are actually just some free samples from the book React from Scratch.

This here is just an overview of what we’re learning in React from Scratch. Feel free to bookmark this page, as it contains all the relevant links in a single page.

Notice: There are also some additional resources under the TOC below.

Table of contents

  1. Building the simplest possible React app
  2. Serving React from a CDN and running it without a build step
  3. Build a create-react-app starter app
  4. React props basics, practical examples
  5. Build a Bootstrap layout in React
  6. Adding icons to a React layout
  7. Moving from ES5 to ES6 functions in React
  8. Looping over data in React
  9. Beginner-level tips and tricks in React
  10. Class-based components, functional components, and React hooks
  11. Build a todo app in React, with hooks and functional components
  12. Rebuild a todo app using create-react-app

    Additional resources

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